September 22, 2021
Kiss Cutting with Keener

Kiss cutting (AkA reverse layers) is a really elegant (and cool) way of displaying numbers or letters on a jerseys.

Most often when team’s use multiple layers for their numbers they use a technique called ‘Stacking’.  The dominant colour is laid on top of the other 3 layers.  In the photo below, the white layer is simply placed on top of larger pieces of black and red material (called twill).

With Kiss Cut numbers, the dominant colour is actually on bottom! ..Whoa

In the old days when I made these numbers I would cut out really thin and skinny layers, place them on top of the dominant bottom layer and…well I won’t get into it but you can imagine it took a long time.

Not anymore.  Now I just press a  button, go get a coffee and when I come back all layers are cut and stacked, ready to peel and sew.  Giving me more time to ridicule Jay (see FB/IG post from last week of me wearing Jay-like fabric glasses)

By the way, you were probably wondering why the technique is called Kiss Cut?  I think it’s because it’s the way the machine gently touches the fabric with the laser and makes the cut – kinda like the Hersey Kiss machine the way it drops/kisses the chocolate into the Kiss forms…If that makes sense but I think that’s how it got its name.

In the video below I show the laser cutting all that fabric while I’m getting coffee, and then me peeling the layers.

Then Ron came and took his Odjick jersey back to its proper home.

Kiss jersey collage
Chris ‘Keener’ Dougherty

Keener is a world class jersey customizer. He knows a lot about jerseys – what styles work, which don’t and why, and how to customize so that your team is looking its best.


With Kiss Cut numbers, the dominant colour is actually on bottom! ..Whoa