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We specialize in customization services & branded team apparel. Keener Jerseys is changing the game with world class craftsmanship & unparalleled service. Over the past 20 years, Keener has established himself as one of the best jersey customizers in the world. Now Keener is bringing his craftsmanship and passion for custom jerseys to teams of all levels.
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The ULTIMATE Guide to Buying
Jerseys for your Hockey Team

The Keener Jerseys ULTIMATE Guide for Buying your Team's Hockey Jerseys is a must-read if you're thinking about ordering new jerseys for your hockey team.
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We can help with every aspect of your jersey customization or team apparel

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Keener Jerseys works closely with teams to make sure you team goes out looking like champions. We provide professional jerseys and customization services. Learn more >>

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Need additional team-branded apparel? From t-shirts to warm-up suits, Keener Jerseys has your back. Let us help you set up your team apparel shop. Learn more >>

Custom Pro Jerseys

Keener has established himself as one of the best pro jersey customizers in the world. We will ensure your jersey is customized to the exact specs worn by the player. Learn more >>

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These are just a sample of some of the sports we can outfit. Contact us for more!