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Fan Jersey Customization

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1/ Tell us your plan

View our customization pricing here, and then, fill out this form or give us a call. It’s helpful to include a print-out of your specific customization details with any relevant photographs or specific instructions for your jersey.

2/ Send us your jersey

Shipping from Canada?
Mail your package to us via Canada Post:
50 Paramount Rd
Winnipeg, MB R2X 2W3

Shipping from the US?
Send your package to:
Keener Jerseys
C/O Border Brokers
652 Hwy 59
Pembina, ND  58271

Please use this customs form and be sure to affix the customs form to the EXTERIOR of your package in a clear plastic sleeve. Please refer to pricing guide in STEP 1 for all applicable shipping fees to the USA.

3/ We begin Customizing

Keener will customize your jersey to your exact specs and get it back to you within 4 weeks.

4/ You receive your new custom jersey

You will receive an invoice once your jersey has been processed and is in the queue. Payment is expected upon receipt.

If you need to remove customization from your jersey, review our blog post about stripping jerseys.

To send in your jersey, place the jersey in a box or heavy duty envelope available from Canada Post or the US Postal Service. Mail it to our address located on our Contact page. Once your jersey is received, Keener will customize it to your specifications and return it to you within 4 weeks for most customizations. We can mail it back to you or you can pick it up at our offices.

"Details are like elephants,
they're huge! "
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The Customization Goat

110% Guarantee

We don’t just meet expectations, we exceed them. With Keener Jerseys it starts with the jersey that builds out an experience that only the pros used to get. Now it is your turn!

You will feel like you were playing for a professional sports franchise by delivering the highest standards of service and quality products. If you’re not satisfied, we will resolve your order with top priority and accelerated delivery with no charge.

That’s what it means when you make our team part of your team.


Unfortunately, Keener Jerseys no longer offers the fan jersey customization service.

If you are in the market for a fan jersey, we would suggest starting with Royal Sports on Pembina

Much like patches, finding the perfect jersey can be quite time consuming, and this is best left in the hands of the customer/collector.

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