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Jersey Questions


Jersey Questions


Jersey Questions


Jersey Questions


Jersey Questions


Jersey Questions

There are a number of factors here, but the primary one is the complexity of the customization. The materials can also differ both in cost and rarity, especially as you look between different eras. Some common things that add to the price are perforation, where the laser fires little dots into specified areas of the number to execute the pattern, or uniquely shaped numbers, most notably the Islanders Fisherman jerseys.

There are two main applications for back and sleeve numbers. Let’s start with twill. You can choose between one colour twill numbers or even two or three colour, layered back numbers. We even offer sublimated pro twill back numbers if you want to add a creative design element to your back numbers (think guitar strings through the Nashville Predators numbers). The other option is single colour vinyl press. Speaking of back and sleeve numbers, we’ll match your favourite Pro teams font to on ice / field specs with fine attention to detail.

There’s a variety of ways to add your team’s brand to your jerseys! By far, our most popular is sublimation to pro twill because it allows you to include as much detail and colour as you want and gets sewn down to the jersey giving it a pro look and feel. Check out this short video to learn more about this crest type. Other great crest types include twill, vinyl press and screen printing. Contact us to discuss what’s best for your team!

For jerseys, we use Athletic Knit (AK) and Kobe. For apparel, we use Sanmar, Augusta Sportswear, and Stormtech, to name a few.

Yes, we can customize your garments with screen printing and embroidery. These are popular options for t-shirts, sweatshirts, and much more. One of our coolest offerings is “sublimation to pro twill” – this produces a vibrant, colourful result at an attractive price!

Not at this time.

Get your sizing right! You are going to wear this jersey for 5-10 years (maybe more). If you order the wrong size your only option is to reorder the entire jersey. So if you are not sure, measure! Don’t know your size? Here is a simple chart, grab a tape measure or ask a buddy – do something! Just get the size right. This sizing chart assumes you are wearing shoulder pads. Still not sure? Contact us to find out how to measure for the correct size.

A quick phone call with one of our jersey experts is the best way to start. We love guiding our clients through the process of choosing a jersey, deciding on how to decorate it and delivering the joy of sport to you and your crew!

Yes. When you ship jerseys to us from the US for customization, enter ‘For Alterations’ in ‘Reason for shipping’ box on the shipping form and use Tariff Code 9993 to avoid customs charges.

We can try to strip a jersey but there’s many things to consider that might make it impossible to strip clean. Numbers can be pressed too hard making stripping without damaging the jersey very difficult. The numbers might also be machine stitched down. Check the inside of the jersey, we cannot strip this kind of stitching.

This is very tough to answer as each jersey is different and how the customizer did things previously is hugely important, as things like twill colour bleed and adhesive residue are both risks. We would generally advise that choosing a player than can cover the old numbers/name fairly well is the best idea. For example, stripping YZERMAN #19 with HOWE #9 leaves a lot of previously covered area visible and is higher risk than stripping LAINE #29 and covering with WHEELER #26, where the name is longer and the numbers take up the same general area.

No. Our only exception is on hockey jerseys as long as we can replace the jersey or the customer gives us the ‘OK’ if we make a mistake.

No, patches will need to be sourced by the customer. Finding the right patch at the right price is often quite time consuming. We would often suggest diving into pro jersey collector message boards and groups if you are struggling to find something through eBay or Facebook marketplace, as these folks will have either knowledge or resources to lead you in the right direction.

FYI: EOPS Auth #: 87-016E8029 Box #22 should always be checked off Download PDF

The answer is… it depends. Jerseys fall into three broad price categories (including customization):

  • Low Cost $15-$40
  • Mid Range $40-$100
  • High End: $100 and up

You can pay using PayPal, E-Transfer, or by calling us. We ask for payment to be made prior to us ordering your items.

Yes! Similar to back and sleeve numbers, you can choose between twill (single colour or layered), sublimated or vinyl in a variety of pro fonts!

We have CCM airknit, Nike floknit, Starter knit, Starter mesh, CCM/Sandow mesh, Ultrafil, and Reebok Edge.

Yes! However, it may cost extra if we have to design it.

Standard stock jersey order complete date is 3 weeks from date of deposit & artwork approval.

Standard apparel order complete date is 4 weeks from date of deposit & artwork approval.

Stock jerseys are those jerseys that manufacturers make in bulk and you can order them off-the-shelf. Blank stock jerseys can be available quickly depending on urgency and stock levels. Until recently, stock jersey colour options were limited to basic colours, black, white, blue, red etc. Nowadays, clients have dozens of stock styles and colours from which to choose!

Custom jerseys are those that are designed and sewn completely from scratch and come in two types: 1. Custom ‘Cut and Sew’ or 2. Custom Sublimation. Sublimation is a popular technique which gives you the ability to incorporate virtually any design or colour combination into a jersey. We’ve all seen these jerseys – Don Cherry jacket-jerseys, Tuxedos, Batman jerseys, etc. Designs range from zany to creative to subtle and simple. The process involves transferring colours onto white polyester fabrics.

One awesome advantage with sublimation: All the logos and numbers are included in the cost. Adding names usually will cost $4-$5 extra per jersey.

Custom Cut and Sew are jerseys made from scratch based on your colours and your preferred striping pattern. Cut & Sew jerseys usually cost more than sublimated jerseys because you need to add customization – cresting, names, and numbers, separately.

Yes, we are happy to do loose kits. These cost $10 less than the normal price for the kit, and especially for American customers can be a more affordable option than shipping the jerseys back and forth across the border. We certainly prefer to have the jersey here in person to be sure it all comes together well at the end, but are happy to provide options.

Team Orders:
Within 2 weeks: 15% of subtotal order amount (pre-tax)
Within 1 week: 25% of subtotal order amount (pre-tax)

Within 2 weeks: $53 CDN or $40 USD
1 week: $80 CDN or $50 USD
Overnight: 100% CDN and USD

Personal Customization:
2-14 days: $15
Overnight or same day: $25

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