KJ Live: NY Islanders and Winnipeg Jets Jersey Talk Podcast Prep

Wednesday April 23/20 In today’s show, we wrap up the Islanders podcast and transition to the Winnipeg Jets.   In the podcast we talked about the styles of helmets that were worn 80s and 90s, Butch Gorings was particularly unique.  We also discussed the custom jersey for Chara. Our next show will focus on the Winnipeg Jets rich jersey history.. Below … Read More

Jersey Talk: New York Rangers Jersey History

Welcome to Jersey Talk! In today’s episode Keener, Jay, and Zo talk New York Rangers jerseys. Also on the show we are speaking with Rob Barnsley, Director of the Winnipeg Rec Hockey League. The WRHL is a great new league opening up in Winnipeg.  The WRHL a sister league to the Capital City Rec Hockey League out of Edmonton. As … Read More

Jersey Talk: Quarantine Episode #2

Welcome to Jersey Talk! In today’s episode, Keener and Jay reminisce about the early days of Keener Jerseys and how Keener started his training at an early age of twelve. As usual, there is a fun mix of witty stories and banter, mixed with insightful discussions about jerseys and their role in sport. If you like Jersey Talk, be sure … Read More

Team Beckett: Why Team Sports are Important for All Kids

At Keener Jerseys, we promote champions and players who play to win. Truthfully though, not all champions win trophies or score a lot of goals. Some players are champions just for showing up and doing their best – whatever their best may look like. We believe giving your best effort day after day is how champions are built, no matter … Read More

Keener Jerseys and the Charity Jerseys for Pro Teams

The Keener Jerseys Charity Jersey program started up in 2017 with the Nashville Predators Foundation and the Nashville Fallen Firefighters Foundation Association. Keener Jerseys created a unique ‘turnout jacket’ style jersey for each member of the Predators. The jerseys were then signed and auctioned off with all funds raised shared between the local charities. The First Responders jerseys were unlike … Read More

The Top 5 Questions Asked When Ordering Jerseys

So you’re on a hockey team and find yourself nominated as the player with the lucky task of ordering team jerseys… It’s a thankless job for the team that requires a fair bit of organizing, record keeping and list-making. At Keener Jerseys, we want to not only simplify this task for you, but we also want to make it enjoyable. … Read More

ASHL Team Win’s Free Team Jerseys Spring ’19

In the spring, Keener Jerseys and the ASHL kicked off our partnership with a Free Team Jersey giveaway contest! What a contest! With over 1,500 entrants, the winner was Peter Wallace of the Wallace Generals (changed their name to The Admirals)! The jerseys included a sublimation to pro twill crest with two colour pro twill stitched on back and sleeve … Read More

Ripken’s 8

Numbers are funny, and I’m not even a mathematician. All teams have their distinct fonts that have subtleties that someone in my position needs to be on the lookout for. For example, where exactly do A’s, C’s and patches go on a team’s jersey? How far apart should numbers be? And is there an upside and a downside to the … Read More

Playoff Patches

I’m a little disappointed with the teams in the playoffs this year. Not because the Jets didn’t finish first in the division or that not all the Canadian teams even made it in. I’m disappointed because there’s only ONE team in the playoffs wearing a patch! I’ve mentioned in the past how I’m a big patch fan. The playoffs always … Read More

MTSU: Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good

The players on the Middle Tennessee State University Hockey Club team wear their blue and black with pride. They’re a young program earning their chops in the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA). They have spent the last few seasons establishing themselves on and off the ice, and they’ve spent a lot of time with one another becoming a team in … Read More