ASHL Team Win’s Free Team Jerseys Spring ’19

In the spring, Keener Jerseys and the ASHL kicked off our partnership with a Free Team Jersey giveaway contest! What a contest! With over 1,500 entrants, the winner was Peter Wallace of the Wallace Generals (changed their name to The Admirals)! The jerseys included a sublimation to pro twill crest with two colour pro twill stitched on back and sleeve … Read More

Classic Customizers

The other day a man whom I’ve only heard about came into my shop.  This man, Kevin, was doing customizing long before me and by the late 80’s he was pretty well known by people who valued proper customizing. We spent the better part of thirty minutes talking about jerseys and our experiences while he was in the shop.  After … Read More

Third Jerseys in the Playoffs

The 2019 NHL playoffs are remarkable for a few reasons… All the top-seeded teams were knocked out in the first round. The Jets ‘white out’ party became the ‘we’re out’ party sooner than we all hoped. Two teams declared they were using a third jersey at home throughout the playoffs: Calgary and Carolina. Calgary was a first-round disappointment for Canada … Read More

Ripken’s 8

Numbers are funny, and I’m not even a mathematician. All teams have their distinct fonts that have subtleties that someone in my position needs to be on the lookout for. For example, where exactly do A’s, C’s and patches go on a team’s jersey? How far apart should numbers be? And is there an upside and a downside to the … Read More

Playoff Patches

I’m a little disappointed with the teams in the playoffs this year. Not because the Jets didn’t finish first in the division or that not all the Canadian teams even made it in. I’m disappointed because there’s only ONE team in the playoffs wearing a patch! I’ve mentioned in the past how I’m a big patch fan. The playoffs always … Read More

Changes to Your Order

Last minute changes? Happens all the time. We are On Your Team, so we’ll make sure we get it right not matter what. You have 24 hours once we receive your Player Information (sizes, names, numbers) and deposit to make changes to your order. Pro Tip: Review your order with a fellow teammate (or the rest of the team) just … Read More

Jersey Talk – The history of yellow jerseys in hockey

In today’s episode, Keener and Jason chat with special guests, Enzo and Chabot, about the history of yellow jerseys in hockey. As usual, there are a lot of laughs and interesting insights from the guys. Today’s Topics: A long overdue Rip-Off Confession World Juniors What happens with jerseys and fan gear that isn’t needed? The Question of the Day:  “When … Read More

Jersey Talk: NHL teams that changed their colours

In today’s episode, Keener, Jason and special guest, Enzo, dive into many of the NHL teams that have changed their colours. The question of the day: When you think of a team that has changed their colours, what is the first team that comes to mind?  Here are some of the most prominent changes: Vancouver Canucks Buffalo Sabres LA Kings … Read More

Keener Jerseys’ Championship Kickoff

The Season Kickoff Last Friday, Keener Jerseys kicked off the family day long weekend with the first annual KJ Championship Kickoff. Co-founders Jason Olson and Chris ‘Keener’ Dougherty gathered the team in true NHL draft-style delivering the company’s vision and goals for the 2019 season. Every single player on Team KJ plays a vital role in our success and elevating … Read More