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Our story

It’s a feeling born from pride, not in what we do as individuals but in what we accomplish together as a team. That’s a sentiment we share at Keener Jerseys.

As kids we see our sports idols fly across the screen in perfect polyester armour as they head into battle. We dream of being like them – feeling like them – and that dream continues long after childhood fades.

The jersey has long been the iconic symbol of our pro-sport dreams. Fabric that captures memories that shape us into who we are today and who we are in the future.

Keener Jerseys’ heart and soul lies within the jersey. We don’t just take a piece of fabric, slap a logo on to it and call it a jersey. We take precise planning and delicate care of each step involved in bringing a jersey – your jersey – to life. It is important to us that we help you capture the great experiences and joy that sports has to offer.

meet jason & keener

Jason Olson and Chris “Keener” Dougherty are different in many ways. Keener for instance doesn’t feel the need to follow that cliché “hair look”. But if there’s one thing they both have in common it’s a commitment to excellence in everything they do. Keener’s obsession with sports jerseys goes back to childhood, and his unmatched dedication to design and craftsmanship is evident in every jersey that leaves our shop. Jason rounds out the team perfectly with his relentless devotion to customer satisfaction and seeing the jersey as part of a much larger brand experience. Together, they’ve built Keener Jerseys into a world-class custom jersey supplier who delivers the pro experience to all levels of sport.

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the championship mindset


It doesn’t matter if you’ve got Stanley Cup banners hanging in the rafters or bake sale signs hanging in the hallways, we believe every customer deserves to be treated like a champion.


There’s industry standards and then there’s Keener Standards. The top teams in the world trust us with their brands because our dedication to quality is second to none. Your jerseys are made with the same standards as the NHL.

On-time Delivery

No more stressing about delivery, no more taking the ice in practice jerseys “for now” – at Keener, we’ll have you and your team looking like the pros from game one.

World Class Accuracy

Our 3-Stars Triple Check Process ensures your order is delivered exactly as you expected it. Accuracy is a foundational pillar of our company. Every order is handled with meticulous care to match on-ice specifications and exceed expectations.

110% Guarantee

We don’t just meet expectations, we exceed them. With Keener Jerseys, it starts with the jersey- that builds out an experience that only the pros used to get. Now it is your turn!

You will feel like you were playing for a professional sports franchise by receiving the highest standards of service and quality products. If you’re not satisfied, we will resolve your order with top priority and accelerated delivery with no charge.

That’s what it means when you make our team part of your team.

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