September 27, 2021
Can you customize my specific jersey and how does this work?

We can do the great majority of NHL jerseys from the past 40 years, so almost certainly yes. There are a few exceptions that we cannot do, largely due to the need for a machine stitch, these are outlined in our pricing guide.

For minor league hockey, it is certainly possible, but please confirm before sending. Some teams are in our files, but in many cases we must custom create fonts to ensure accuracy, meaning additional costs.

For MLB, we have a fairly large library of fonts, especially with Canadian teams, but it is best to confirm beforehand.

For NBA, certainly check beforehand on pricing, as we can do great work here, but don’t have the deepest records.

We do not customize NFL, especially current uniforms. This is largely materials related.

We can do CFL jerseys, although it never hurts to double check for materials, or for teams other than Winnipeg and Saskatchewan.

Keener custom creates each font with the intention of matching on ice details and each job is done cut to order. When your jersey is sent in/dropped off, we will double check and be sure all looks good, then get rolling with making it look golden.