The Top 5 Questions Asked When Ordering Jerseys

The ASHL Cowboys from Hell after winning the championship last season.

So you’re on a hockey team and find yourself nominated as the player with the lucky task of ordering team jerseys…

It’s a thankless job for the team that requires a fair bit of organizing, record keeping and list-making. At Keener Jerseys, we want to not only simplify this task for you, but we also want to make it enjoyable. To get a headstart on understanding everything you need to know, here is a list of the top five questions we get asked when taking a jersey order.

  1. How does sizing work?

If you are unfamiliar with jersey sizes, or maybe a teammate isn’t sure what size they should wear, we can help you out. Check out our popular Youtube video How to Size Your Team Hockey Jerseys.

In this short step-by-step instructional video, we will explain how sizing charts work and how to properly measure yourself and your teammates for new jerseys. It’s that easy!

     2. What is a sublimated jersey/crest/name bar?

Sublimated jerseys: Sublimation is the heating of ink until it disintegrates onto the corresponding fabric and creates a long-lasting pattern or design on what was once a plain garment. So, when you order a sublimated jersey this means you can create any design you can think up with any colours you like.

Sublimated crests: As far as crests go, at KJ about 95% of the crests we create are sublimation to pro twill. We take your logo and print it onto fabric, then we heat press and sew the crest down on your jersey. It won’t crack, peel, or fade and will last as long as you own your jersey. We can print any combination of colours and any design. The possibilities are limitless. Check out this Youtube video we created for more examples and information on sublimation to pro twill crests.

Sublimated name bars: A sublimated name bar is essentially the same as what we have just described. We print off your teammates’ names on name bars and sew them onto the backs of your jerseys. Easy peasy. Did we mention we can match all pro team on-ice specifications and fonts? Your team could have the exact namebars as the Nashville Predators or any of your favourite pro teams.

3. What are your delivery timelines?

In most cases, we can deliver your jerseys to you three to four weeks after the time you’ve placed your order. This can change if there are special requests that may take our suppliers a little longer to create and deliver, ie: sublimated jerseys. But for the most part, you’ll have your sweet new jerseys within a month.

   4. Can we just order one or two jerseys for a new season?

Could be that you’ve picked up some new players this season or your defenseman recently moved and can’t find his jersey. No worries. We’ve got you covered. We can place orders for as little as one jersey for most styles.

   5. What is the cost?

This is a common question with a complicated answer.

It’s kind of like asking how much is a new pair of shoes without being specific about the brand, style or material. You can always head down to your local Wal-Mart and pick up a pair of shoes for around $20. Or, you can go to a high-end department store and buy the most expensive designer shoes on the shelf. Then there are about a million options down the middle.

We’ll start by asking you some questions to gain an understanding of your budget and the type of jerseys you want. From there, we can work backwards to explain your options and costs associated with each choice.

Our jersey experts will break down vinyl numbers versus pro-twill, popular jerseys versus pro team styles, cresting options and so on. With all this information and a full understanding of your options, you should be able to make an informed decision based on your budget and desired result.

BONUS: Insider Jersey Tips

Here are a few tips to sweeten the pot for you, the player designated as the jersey organizer.

i. Get yourself a free jersey. There is no reason that the player doing all the legwork should have to pay for the jersey on his back. Once you’ve received your jersey quote, divide it up among all the other players and leave yourself out. The cost of your jersey can be absorbed by teammates as a token of appreciation. Whether you tell them or not is up to you!

ii. Decision by committee is never a good idea. Presenting ideas, colours, and crests to the whole team slows things down and creates a lot of headaches. Instead, enlist one or two respected members of your team and form a subcommittee to choose your jersey style, font and crest. This will simplify decision making and avoid discord among players.

iii. Collect the money upfront.  You should NEVER find yourself out of pocket for this. Be sure the players understand money is due upfront and that you don’t plan on getting stuck with an invoice and nobody’s cash to pay it. Anyone late with payment is then required to buy the next round of post-game beers. 😉

As always, if you have any questions, shoot us an email at and one of our jersey experts will be happy to lend a hand!

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