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Over the past couple of years of working with Keener to build Keener Jerseys.  I’ve come to see that our approach to jersey & uniform customization is unique.  So I thought I’d share with you what it is that makes us unique.

We are coming at team jersey customization from two important approaches:

  1. World class jersey expertise 
  2. Unparalleled customer experience

Why is this a unique approach?  Because traditionally teams get their jerseys from two types of providers:

  1. Retailers
    • Sporting goods stores that sell equipment, skates, sticks, snowboards. Since they are selling stuff that teams use, they may as well sell jerseys.
    • Clothing stores – They sell stuff like apparel, jackets, hats, track suites and since they are selling stuff that teams wear they may as well sell jerseys.
    • Corporate promotional products companies.  Businesses that put logos on stuff.  They sell golf balls, coffee mugs, water bottles, shirts. Since they are selling stuff with logos on it, they may as well sell jerseys.
  2. Traditional screen printers, embroiderers, – companies that specialize in large volume printing.  They source t-shirts, hoodies, and can print on them so it stands to reason that they also sell jerseys.

Keener is passionate about jerseys.  He is keenly interested in making every jersey great and special in their own way.  For any team, aside from the logo (which we also help teams make) the jersey is the part of the uniform that says the most about your team. It’s what people first see when they look at your team.  It’s what the opponent sees when they step onto the playing surface.

And teams are starting to understand this.  That’s why now you’re starting to see so many great jersey designs – look great, feel great, play great.

So that’s number #1.  Keener knows more about jerseys than most people on the planet. We work closely with teams to make their jersey great – regardless of budget.

What is ‘Unparalleled Customer Experience?  Ok, so let’s say you are the person who is tasked with ordering the team’s jerseys.  Ever done this?  There is a lot of pressure on you to come back to the team with a PERFECT product.  Coz, guess who they are going to be ticked off at if the jerseys suck?  That’s right, not only are you resp0nsibile for:

  • Gathering player information: sizes, numbers, names, sponsors, etc.
  • Figuring out which jersey colours, logos, etc.
  • Managing the budget and collecting money
  • Getting the jerseys delivered on time and done accurately

But your teammates, coaches, parents, etc. all expect it will be done.  There is no ‘hero’ award for coming back with the jerseys the way everyone expected you to have them done.   But what happens when the jerseys come back and they exceed expectations.   Yes, that is our goal.  We don’t want you to come back to your team with good jerseys, done on time, and accurately. That’s a given.  Your jerseys need to be amazing.

Unparalleled Customer Experience means NO ONE will treat you better, make sure you end up with jerseys that not only look amazing but are on time and within budget.  So when you open your box of jerseys, there is no more anxiety. It’s like being a kid again at Christmas!

That’s the Keener difference.

“Just got my 2nd Islanders Turgeon Jersey back from Keener. Couldn’t be happier. The two of these jerseys are as close as you can get to what was worn on the ice in ’93. Highly recommend these guys for your era correct jersey needs.”

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