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How do you get someone to listen?

How do you get someone to listen to you? Rainbow Stage found a way and they’re doing it with hockey sweaters!

Wait, what!? Here, let me explain.

First, before I get to the secret value that your hockey sweater may carry; telling stories is a great way to connect with other people. Asking questions and listening to their answers is a good way to build relationships and find out more about each other. When you blend it with sports, especially hockey in Canada, you’re destined to make an impact on that people’s day.

Warm Up Your Story With a Hockey Sweater

The book, “the hockey sweater,” which was written as a simple book for kiddos by Roch Carrier, became a timeless Canadian story that has charmed generations. Recently it has inspired a summer musical adaptation right here in our community, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Rainbow Stage is taking the iconic piece of Canadian literature and bringing it to life on stage as a spectacular new family musical! our great team at Keener Jerseys was chosen to work on the jerseys. We are proud to be a part of such a great production and illustration of a Canadian classic.

The Hockey Sweater Book Cover Design

Production teaser: Rainbow Stage’s adaptation of Roch Carrier’s Hockey Sweater.

Roch Carrier – illustrated as a young boy, is horrified with his new Leafs jersey. At right, a Canadiens sweater worn by Maurice “Rocket” Richard in 1959-60, his final season.

Source: nhl.com

Here is a close up look on the crests for Rainbow Stage. Exciting, right!?

Quick Project FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions & Our Answers

Rainbow Stage is the leading not-for-profit musical theatre company in Canada, as well as the country’s largest and longest-running outdoor theatre, located in Kildonan Park in north Winnipeg, Manitoba. Discover more about Rainbow Stage here.

The Hockey Sweater is a timeless Canadian story that has charmed generations!

The author of the Hockey Sweater story is the accomplished, award-winning author Roch Carrier! Carrier only planned for the tale to be a simple children’s book, but it became an iconic piece of Canadian literature. Take a look at his interview with Global News here.

The Hockey Sweater is Roch Carrier’s beloved short iconic story. The classic book follows the delivery of a Toronto Maple Leaf sweater to Carrier’s home in Québec, a community infatuated with the hockey legend Maurice Richard otherwise known as Rocket Richard and their beloved team, the Montreal Canadiens. Going against the local hockey fans, especially with a Toronto Maple Leaf jersey is risky business in a Canadian hockey town.

Show Times

  • 7:30 pm Evening: June 30 – July 17
  • 2 pm Matinee: July 10, 13 & 17
  • No Saturday Performances

Preview Times

  • 7:30 pm Evening Previews: June 27 & 29
  • 11 am Matinee Preview: June 28

Time to Make an Impact!

The Artistic Director for Rainbow Stage, Carson Nattrass – who is leading the creative team for the musical – reached out looking to find authentic-looking jerseys for the production. When this opportunity was brought to us, Keener wanted to make sure we really connected with the book and its memories. We knew that the final product had to be perfect on every level for this project, with such an opportunity and story at hand, the experience would not settle for anything less than exceptional.

Our team worked flawlessly together through each phase of this process, delivering the high-quality, pro-calibre results that all of our NHL clients receive. The hockey sweaters done at Keener Jerseys were made with special felt materials to make the crests and numbers look as authentic as possible.

Are you ready to make an impact? Create your jersey, your way here. It’s time to share your passion and be taken seriously!

Why a Great Story Always Wins!

It isn’t hard to narrate a simple story, but it is difficult to tell a great story. In order to tell a great story to someone about something, you must show them and immerse them in the environment and experience. This is why Rainbow Stage came to Keener Jerseys and had Keener figure out how to exceed the basic jersey and bring to life the same jerseys illustrated in the book.

Keener was able to replicate the exact 1940s-style Montreal Canadiens that Maurice Richard would have worn. Keener crafted an exact match of the Toronto Maple Leaf jerseys from the story as well. Applying layered felt fabric to match the on-ice specification of the teams of that era. This level of detail in the hockey jerseys is important because it will help tell the ‘Hockey Sweater’ story. Allowing each member of the audience to feel as if they are in the book with the characters. Rainbow Stage also had their own spin on the short story by adding a couple of extra jerseys, and we made those jerseys look authentic as well (Rangers and Tigers).

Discover more on Keener’s journey to building great stories with jerseys here.

Rainbow Stage was a great group to work with. Thank you for bringing Keener Jerseys in on such a special opportunity. We can’t wait for the community to see the jerseys and the cast singing the amazing musical that Rainbow Stage has put together! We had an absolute blast doing this project!

Are you interested in learning more about the musical? Discover more information here.

Make sure to go check out the musical starting June 30th – to July 17th. The debut performance is on June 30th at 7:30 pm. Get your tickets while tickets last. Early bird season ticket pricing is available too. Don’t miss it!

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