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The highest caliber craftsmanship and expertise for your team. Imagine the level of customer service professional sports teams receive? That is ‘Experience Keener Jerseys’ It is our commitment to you. To make your organization not only look like the pros but feel like you are being serviced like a professional sports team. After all, doesn’t everyone want to be treated like a professional?

Jerseys & Uniforms for Any Sport

These are just a sample of some of the sports we can outfit. Contact us for more!


The Value We Bring to Your Organization


Our jerseys are the best because Keener ensures every jersey is put together with unique standards. For example our fonts have been handmade, measured to game worn jerseys to look exactly like pro teams. Keener’s reputation as the world’s premier jersey customizer has been earned over the past 20 years customizing jerseys for collectors from around the globe.


Keener is among the most knowledgeable jersey experts in the world. He understands what makes a jersey great from colour combinations to quality construction. Imagine having professional jersey consultants working with your team? When you work with Keener Jerseys, it’s just part of the package.


100% of our attention is dedicated to making beautifully crafted and durable custom jerseys. At Keener Jerseys we don’t sell baseball bats, skateboards, equipment or promotional products. Making custom jerseys is not a business we do ‘on-the-side’. It is our business.

Fair Pricing

We are constantly evaluating our pricing to ensure we giving you the fairest price possible. We have never aspired to produce the cheapest jerseys. While it’s possible our quote may end up being the lowest it won’t ever be because we compromised on quality. We will work with teams because they see value in our service, expertise, and our enthusiasm.

What Teams Are Saying About Keeners

“Our jerseys are the talk of the association”

Winakwa Warriors
Winnipeg, Manitoba

“Way better than any jersey I ever wore in junior or senior hockey. Very nice.”

Tyler Vanluven
Steelers Hockey

“Keener did a great Job for us this Season”

Brad Fotty
Winnipeg Blue Bombers

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Jerseys & Uniforms

Keener Jerseys works closely with teams to make sure you team goes out looking like champions. We provide professional jerseys and customization services. Learn more >>

Custom Apparel

Need team-branded apparel? From t-shirts to warm-up suits, Keener Jerseys has your back. Let us help you set up your team apparel shop.
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The Keener FUNdraiser

Free Jerseys and Apparel with Keener Jerseys! What is a FUNdraiser? FUNdraiser by Keener Jerseys, is the easiest way for your team to raise money to help pay for some or all of your team’s jerseys and/or apparel. On your behalf, Keener Jersey’s event team will arrange for your team to participate in a pancake breakfast (or pizza lunch). Each player sells as many tickets as they can (usually between 5-15 tickets) to offset some or all of the cost of your next set of jerseys or team apparel.

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Team Apparel

Professional and fresh designs. Innovative approach to apparel. “Order one shirt or hood, any style with any logo. It’s a new way for teams sell apparel, connect with fans, and earn money.” – Jeffrey Bannon, Keener Jerseys. Jeffrey Bannon is the foremost expert in Team Apparel with experience at every level of sports apparel. Speak with Jeffrey about bringing fresh styles and smart inventory management to your team.

Team Fan Apparel