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We are proud to announce that we are an official partner with Firehouse Hockey (FHH, FHH is emerging as the central hub for emergency services hockey teams.  Through FHH teams can link up with other teams and schedule games. It is also a place where teams can post news and updates.  If you know a fire service, law enforcement, … Read More

Heartbreak and Pancakes

While playing soccer when I was 11, I was called for a ‘hand ball’ inside the penalty kick area.  The player scored and we lost the game. I was devastated. I went home and cried.  My mom comforted me by telling me that things would be ok and that I should always remember how I felt for when other people … Read More

A Fresh Approach To Jersey Customization

I’m Jason Olson, co-founder of Keener Jerseys. My partner is Chris Dougherty – better known as Keener. Keener and I started our business because we want to bring a fresh approach to jersey customization: We want to make it easy for teams and fans to order awesome custom jerseys. Keener has 20 years experience customizing pro jerseys for fans and … Read More