Keener Jerseys and the Charity Jerseys for Pro Teams

The Keener Jerseys Charity Jersey program started up in 2017 with the Nashville Predators Foundation and the Nashville Fallen Firefighters Foundation Association. Keener Jerseys created a unique ‘turnout jacket’ style jersey for each member of the Predators. The jerseys were then signed and auctioned off with all funds raised shared between the local charities. The First Responders jerseys were unlike … Read More

Playoff Patches

I’m a little disappointed with the teams in the playoffs this year. Not because the Jets didn’t finish first in the division or that not all the Canadian teams even made it in. I’m disappointed because there’s only ONE team in the playoffs wearing a patch! I’ve mentioned in the past how I’m a big patch fan. The playoffs always … Read More

Jerseys Unite Teams, Fans, and Communities

Can jerseys unite a team? A community? A country?  You bet they can. With the historical playoff run coming to an end for the Winnipeg Jets, the ‘Whiteout’ also came to a close for another year.   The Whiteout, for those who haven’t heard, is Winnipeg’s unique tradition where virtually every fan agrees to wear the whitest outfit they can … Read More

Jersey Stripping (sounds like more fun than it is)

Hello Adam Yes we strip jerseys (remove names and numbers) but we do caution that sometimes we can’t get everything off and the jerseys can get damaged.  All that scary talk aside we do it.   Hope that answers your question. We look forward to doing your jerseys. Further the the above excerpt from an email to our customer… We charge … Read More