KJ Live: NY Islanders and Winnipeg Jets Jersey Talk Podcast Prep

Wednesday April 23/20 In today’s show, we wrap up the Islanders podcast and transition to the Winnipeg Jets.   In the podcast we talked about the styles of helmets that were worn 80s and 90s, Butch Gorings was particularly unique.  We also discussed the custom jersey for Chara. Our next show will focus on the Winnipeg Jets rich jersey history.. Below … Read More

Heartbreak and Pancakes

While playing soccer when I was 11, I was called for a ‘hand ball’ inside the penalty kick area.  The player scored and we lost the game. I was devastated. I went home and cried.  My mom comforted me by telling me that things would be ok and that I should always remember how I felt for when other people … Read More