September 22, 2021
Playoff Patches

I’m a little disappointed with the teams in the playoffs this year. Not because the Jets didn’t finish first in the division or that not all the Canadian teams even made it in. I’m disappointed because there’s only ONE team in the playoffs wearing a patch!

I’ve mentioned in the past how I’m a big patch fan. The playoffs always add an extra patch dimension since the final two teams get an extra patch, which is exciting!


The 2016-17 finals were pretty fantastic because there were patches everywhere! The Penguins won wearing THREE patches (NHL 100th/Pens 50th/2017 finals)! That’s something that’s not been seen in 25 years! It was back in the 1991-92 Pens won wearing three patches (Bob Johnson memorial/Pens 25th/92 finals).


There were two patch winners during those 25. Some teams in the finals that dropped a 25th or inaugural patch to accommodate the finals patch but three patch victors are a rare monkey.

Unfortunately, this year’s playoffs only have one team who have been wearing a patch all season. The Islanders are honouring their late owner, Charles B. Wang with a simple black and white CBW patch.

With the abundance of patches in recent years, I find myself pining for patches. A Jets/Islanders finals would help me feel better. I’d have my two patch Islanders and Jets fans swarming my shop to get finals patches sewn on their jerseys!


Chris ‘Keener’ Dougherty

Keener is a world class jersey customizer. He knows a lot about jerseys – what styles work, which don’t and why, and how to customize so that your team is looking its best.


With the abundance of patches in recent years, I find myself pining for patches.