It’s a feeling born from pride, not in what we do as individuals but in what we accomplish together as a team. That’s a sentiment we share at Keener Jerseys.

It starts when we’re kids. We see our sports idols blazing across the screen in perfect polyester armour as they head into battle. We dream of being like them – feeling like them – and that dream continues long after childhood fades.

The jersey has long been the iconic symbol of our pro-sport dreams as we’ve all asked ourselves at one point or another – “what would it feel like to put that on just one time?” That’s where we come in.

Keener Jerseys. It’s a straightforward name for a company that focuses on one product… but it’s not the product you would expect.

We deliver the joy of sport.

We do that by evening the playing field and offering a professional, customized jersey experience to all levels of sport.

We work with some of the most well-known and protected brands in the game. They trust us because we know how important their brand is to their success and that appreciation is reflected in every stitch, and every jersey that leaves our shop. It’s that unparalleled dedication to craftsmanship that we bring to all our clients to deliver a championship-level product to pros and non-pros alike.

The process starts by our team getting to know your team – your needs, your brand, your budget, etc. – so we can deliver jerseys and a customer experience that are customized to you.

Whether you have an established brand identity, a logo that needs a professional’s touch, or you’re starting completely from scratch, Keener Jerseys has the skill to bring your team to that next level.

And what does that next level look like?

It’s your entire team pulling on jerseys that match the quality and consistency of the pros. It’s the confidence that comes with the look and feel of a champion that can transform teams and entire organizations. It’s the sense of pride you feel when your team takes the ice, court or field, and the desire to perform to the same level of excellence represented by the jersey on your back.

That’s what we deliver at Keener Jerseys – a pro-level jersey and experience reserved exclusively for everyone.

Because the joy of sport is for everyone.


Jason Olson and Chris “Keener” Dougherty are different in many ways. Keener for instance doesn’t feel the need to follow that cliché “hair look”. But if there’s one thing they both have in common it’s a commitment to excellence in everything they do. Keener’s obsession with sports jerseys goes back to childhood, and his unmatched dedication to design and craftsmanship is evident in every jersey that leaves our shop. Jason rounds out the team perfectly with his relentless devotion to customer satisfaction and seeing the jersey as part of a much larger brand experience. Together, they’ve built Keener Jerseys into a world-class custom jersey supplier who delivers the pro experience to all levels of sport.


Championship Mindset

When we say we deliver professional jerseys, we mean it.
It’s a promise we make to every customer with a dedication to four key areas:


We love jerseys! We love what they mean to teams, organizations and entire communities. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got Stanley Cup banners hanging in the rafters or bake sale signs hanging in the hallways, we believe every customer deserves to be treated like a champion.


There’s industry standards and then there’s Keener Standards. The top teams in the world trust us with their brands because our dedication to quality is second to none. For community teams, you have the confidence knowing your jerseys are made with the same standards as
the NHL.


At Keener, we know all the standards and expertise in the world don’t mean a thing if you don’t have your product on time. No more stressing about delivery, no more taking the ice in practice jerseys “for now” – at Keener we’ll have you and your team looking like the pros from game one.


Our 3-Stars Triple Check Process ensures your order is delivered exactly as you expected it. Delivering a pro-level experience is entirely in the details so we’ve made accuracy a foundational pillar of our company. Every order is handled with meticulous care to match on-ice specifications and exceed expectations.

We give 110%. We know, it’s a bit cliché in the hockey world but it’s a number that rings true at Keener Jerseys. At Keener we don’t just give you what you need, we do more than what’s needed. We don’t just meet expectations, we exceed them. And we don’t just make jerseys, we deliver pro-level sport experiences.

So our 110% Guarantee is this… we promise you will feel like you were playing for a professional sports franchise by delivering the highest standards of service and quality products. If your order is not delivered exactly as you expected, we will fix the problem for you with priority rush service at no charge.

That’s what it means when you make our team part of your team.


Take your team to the next level, connect with us today!