MTSU: Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good

The players on the Middle Tennessee State University Hockey Club team wear their blue and black with pride. They’re a young program earning their chops in the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA). They have spent the last few seasons establishing themselves on and off the ice, and they’ve spent a lot of time with one another becoming a team in the truest sense of the word.

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An important element changed for the fellas down in Nashville this season. Something that brought them even closer together. Their jerseys.

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Coach Jasen Riherd called Keener Jerseys close to a year ago after seeing what we did with the Nashville Fallen Firefighters Association and the NHL Predators. Nashville is similar to Winnipeg in that it’s a friendly place where people talk and so word got around about the Keener Jerseys team up in Canada. Coach Jasen was unhappy with their current jersey supplier and felt it contributed to a lack of confidence by the team. Their jerseys looked and felt ‘cheap.’ Their supplier was overpriced and unreliable. We had a good chat about the ‘KJ way’ and what we value as an organization.

Photo Credit: Joseph Summers Photography

At Keener Jerseys, we truly believe that your team jerseys can elevate a team’s morale, and their game. We believe that the jerseys you wear on your back create unity and pride for your club. And we don’t believe that feeling should only be experienced by professional and elite teams. ALL teams should have the opportunity to wear incredible handcrafted jerseys.

You see, we actually care about your team. We want you to look great, feel great and win games in our jerseys.

How important are the look and feel of your jerseys to your team? It is absolutely a fact that players play better when they’re wearing quality jerseys.  When they feel that their club cares enough about them to make them look and feel good, they will perform at a higher level. Fans love and support teams that commit to representing their community in a positive meaningful way. Opponents will respect your team – even fear your team.

Coach Riherd understands the overused but underappreciated mantra “look good, feel good”.  What Riherd wanted, most importantly, was for the jerseys to reflect the image of MTSU. He also knew that the players would feel valued by the club and the school when they received their very own hand-crafted jerseys. 

Let’s let Coach Riherd tell us in his own words how Keener Jerseys has elevated their game:

“MTSU players, and all ACHA players, need the best bang for their buck when it comes to their jerseys. And Keener has delivered. My players will only have to buy one jersey during their four years at MTSU – THAT IS VALUE. But more importantly my players feel a of sense school and team pride when they put on the Keener MTSU jersey. My players don’t have to worry about the falling apart; they can concentrate on playing the game. Because Keener Jerseys understands what MTSU hockey is trying to build and helped come up with a team slogan sewn into the jersey.  There is a patch the players look at EVERY TIME they put the jersey on — it says simply “The name on the front is greater than the name on the back”. The patch solidifies MTSU hockey culture every time they put the jersey on.”

Photo credit: Joseph Summers Photography

Having great jerseys alone won’t win you championships or make magic happen. But, having great jerseys is a key component in creating an environment where magic happens and championships are won.

At Keener Jerseys, we aim to elevate your game. Every. Single. Time.

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  1. I agree 100%. These KJ hockey sweaters are top of the line for an affordable price. MTSU looks good from head to toe.

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