Lasers. Not Just For School Photos Anymore.


Is there anything lasers can’t do?

When I started customizing jerseys, I made cardboard stencils. I would lay them on the fabric, trace it with a pencil, then cut the number out with scissors.

Every new team I got an order for, had to make the stencil then repeat the entire process. A lot of love, sweat and tears went into my numbers back then. 5 years ago I got an email from another customizing company who were impressed with my accuracy and wanted to know what program I used to cut the twill and if they could buy some from me. I told them I could photocopy my stencils and put them in the mail.
They declined and added, ‘let us know when you get into the 20th century.’ A little harsh, but I eventually did make it to the future!

I now use LASERS to cut fabric! LASERS! Just Like the ones on Star Trek. Who knew the same device that brought so much destruction to the Klingons could also cut numbers out of fabric?

The use of this modern technology has reduced my production time by 80%! Now I could spend more time with my friends and family, get around to fixing that leaky faucet, take ballroom dancing…etc. if only my orders hadn’t increased by 200%!

3 Comments on “Lasers. Not Just For School Photos Anymore.”

  1. Would you do a half Montreal Canadian half jets jersey ? My dad is 94 years old n both a Habs n now Jets fan ! Jets in frond Habs in the back or half n half ! I think these would sell well in Winnipeg at this time

    1. Hi we could customize that jersey if you have one, but we are not able to create that jersey from scratch. Thanks!

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