Knock It Off!

The Connor McDavid knock offs have arrived. I get why people buy knock offs: a jersey is a lot more expensive  than a t-shirt.

Some people don’t like ‘more expensive.’ Understandable. Money is tight these days and doesn’t stretch as far as it used to.  But people like quality. So more and more these days, folks are shelling out a few extra bucks if it means they’ll get a superior product. Knock-offs won’t stand the test of time.  Who knows what they’ll  look like in 10 years? Probably the Val Kilmer of garments. Meaning, obsolete.

In an odd way, I was kinda happy for the CFL when they started knocking their jerseys off. It was like a town getting an IKEA, ‘Yeah! We’re big enough to counterfeit! Winnipeg Blue Bombers jerseys will be made in the same factories as counterfeit Lakers and Yankees jerseys – maybe even Real Madrid jerseys!’

They really messed up the Blue Bombers jersey though. Someone in the factory decided that we are now the proud blue and mustard. No more gold for the Bombers! I literally saw a guy spill mustard on his jersey’s mustard-coloured numbers and he couldn’t find it.  It blended in perfectly! I think the fabric they used might be made of actual mustard.

I don’t know. I was told once by a dude, ‘as long as the jerseys are expensive there’ll always be knock offs.’ That’s probably true but I try to let people know that they can just buy a t-shirt. They don’t need a jersey to live. A jersey is not like water or bacon – they’re not basic human needs.  At this point, we all know knock-offs are crappy, so just choose a t-shirt. I’ll even help out by starting a hashtag – #chooseatshirt. We’ll even throw some numbers on your shirt for you like we did for our Keener Jerseys shirts!

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