KJ Live: NY Islanders and Winnipeg Jets Jersey Talk Podcast Prep

Wednesday April 23/20

In today’s show, we wrap up the Islanders podcast and transition to the Winnipeg Jets.   In the podcast we talked about the styles of helmets that were worn 80s and 90s, Butch Gorings was particularly unique.  We also discussed the custom jersey for Chara.

Our next show will focus on the Winnipeg Jets rich jersey history..

Below are the Goals for Kids patch. the Jets were the only team to wear a charity patch on the jerseys.  The the early years of Jets crests, they used a process called chain stitching.  A beautiful technique still used by the Chicago Blackhawks on their crest today.

Finally, in 1976, the Jets offered to wear the Montreal 1976 Olympic patch, which had been originally offered to the Quebec Nordiques, who opted not to wear the crest.

Stay tuned for more Winnipeg Jets jersey talk!

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