Jersey Talk: You Asked, We Answered


In today’s episode, Keener and Jay respond directly to our listener’s questions. The questions are really good so check them out below and listen to what Keener and Jay have to say in response.

Thanks to those of you that sent in questions. We still have more to get to! 

  1. Ryan Kick – “Ranking 3rd NHL Jerseys and ones we wish were made” original 3rd jerseys in ’95 / ’96.” 
  2. Wayne Barnes: Please talk about team specific jersey changes over the years and some of the stories behind the changes and feedback.
    1. Da Youngsters put Winnipeg Jets on the Hip op Map! Ps. Tu-Pac was a big fan of Yzerman!
    2. Please send us pictures of rappers wearing hockey jerseys. Here are some ideas to get you started! 
      1. Snoop Dog Gin and Juice 1994
      2. Drake’s jerseys
  3. David Miller: Why were hockey jerseys so popular during the ’90s in rap videos? They were everywhere for a shirt period of time.
  4. Michael McHale: Please give a “full breakdown of the Gretzky Nike Jersey. Both the original and the ones that you do.”
  5. Oscar Lopez: “What are the differences between a MIC Adidas and a MIC Reebok?”
  6. Scott Christensen: “If you were creating a new jersey what would it look like? Font, colors, material, logo style (word mark vs original logo)”
  7. Meli Maytorena: “How to strip kits the correct way – and if it’s even worth the time and trouble. Also, which residue is able to be removed, and how.”

Other Topics:

1) Can an Ugly Christmas jersey be beautiful? We think they can.
2) Keener and Jay return a shout-out to Troy Westwood from the podcast The Big Show.

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