Jersey Talk: The hole story about mesh hockey jerseys

In today’s episode, Keener and Jason, dive into hockey history to tell the ‘hole’ story of mesh jerseys. 

They start in the early days of the Oilers back in the eighties all the way to the role of mesh in today’s jerseys. 

A brief history: 

  • Textured mesh  (the 80s)
  • AirKnit (87 Rendezvous) (CCM added double CCM logos due to not knowing what jersey Gretzky would wear)
  • Ultrafill appeared on the scene
  • CCM / JOFA / KOHO  – Jofa never made the third jerseys in the NHL. Jofa only made practice jerseys. When CCM bought JOFA there was no more mesh, it was all Airknit Jerseys. 
  • Mesh inserts in jerseys are now commonplace.

The question of the day:

What is the goal of hockey jerseys today? To be lighter and stronger? When do you get the optimal jersey? Is so much innovation really necessary? Gretzky scored 92 goals with his jersey, does a lighter jersey really help? Please comment below. 

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Additional Information:

’81 Oilers using mesh for the first time and lite it up.

Gretzky scored 92 goals with mesh, why not go back to mesh? Keener

AirKnit is way more comfortable. Mesh is coarse and not too comfortable.

2019 NHL All-star jerseys were a great hit! “Get the NHL logo off the crest and people will get behind the All-star jerseys”

Additional hidden symbols and images in jerseys: Vancouver Canucks Skate logo, Hartford Whalers ‘WH’ in logo, and the St Louis Blues logo with a music note.

Our Thanks:

Thanks to our sponsor, the Illegal Curve Hockey Show. We are looking forward to having Ezra back on the show.

A special thanks to our employees and NHL customers.

Thanks for the listener feedback. No Beatles. No Tragically Hip. Got it. You were also surprised Jason didn’t know the Minnesota Wild logo is a bear. In Jason’s defence, Keener is the guru of jerseys.

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