Jersey Talk: 2018 Year in review

In today’s episode, Keener and Jay, look back through 2018 and talk about the biggest moments for Keener Jerseys, their team, and their customers.

Here are some of the main topics:

1) The most memorable jersey of the year

2) The most challenging jersey to produce

3) Jay and Keener won a trip to Nashville in a bet with the Nashville folks in 2018 Winnipeg Jets playoff run.

4) There was a lot of growth in the Nashville area due to the great work with the Nashville Fire Department and the Nashville Predators. Ps. We were super pumped to get a call for an ugly Christmas sweater directly from the man himself; P.K. Suban!

5) The Ugly Christmas sweaters were a blast to do and a bit hit! Watch for more to come in 2019.

6) By far, our favourite podcast was episode 22, named ‘You Asked, We Answered’. We had a lot of great questions for our listeners and we got to as many as possible, but there are still more to come.

7) We amped up our music chops in the shop and installed a new speaker system. This is one small thing that helps the KJ team gel and pump-out amazing quality jerseys.

8) Our Pro Jersey Gallery has been on point this year. Check it out here!

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So, those were a few of our favourite moments. Please comment below and tell us what your favourite moments of 2018 were. 

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