September 22, 2021
Jersey Stripping (sounds like more fun than it is)

Hello Adam

Yes we strip jerseys (remove names and numbers) but we do caution that sometimes we can’t get everything off and the jerseys can get damaged.  All that scary talk aside we do it.  Hope that answers your question. We look forward to doing your jerseys.

Further to the above excerpt from an email to our customer…

We charge $50 to remove the full name and number from a jersey and $20 to remove only the name (i.e. If you had a Winnipeg jet #9 Kane, and want to change it to ‘Copp’ and leave the #9, $20 for striping the name, and $20 for the new name).

Jason Olson

Jason is an individual who is passionate about bringing greatness to the world, “There is a lot of average in the world today. Our customers will receive amazing jerseys and extra-ordinary service. Then, let the chips fall where they may.”