Jersey Stripping (sounds like more fun than it is)

Hello Adam

Yes we strip jerseys (remove names and numbers) but we do caution that sometimes we can’t get everything off and the jerseys can get damaged.  All that scary talk aside we do it.   Hope that answers your question. We look forward to doing your jerseys.

Untitled design (1) Stitch RipperFurther the the above excerpt from an email to our customer…

We charge $50 to remove the full name and number from a jersey and $20 to remove only the name (i.e. If you had a Winnipeg jet #9 Kane, and want to change it to ‘Copp’ and leave the #9, $20 for striping the name, and $20 for the new name).

I hope that helps!


9 Comments on “Jersey Stripping (sounds like more fun than it is)”

  1. Hi I would like to strip the #40 on my Jacoby Jones jersey and replace it with his new number #21. How much would this cost and do you think it will damage the jersey?thanks!

  2. I just purchased a Leafs CCM Authentic Ultrafil jersey & front chest logo is faded was wondering if those logos are able to be removed

  3. Greetings! I am looking to strip my NFL dolphins jersey and would like to know what type of solvent is recommended to remove the adhesive. Any type of help will be appreciated.


  4. Mark,
    I’m looking to do the same with one of my jerseys. What steps did you take to strip your jersey.

  5. Hi
    I would like to change my NHL Carolina Hurricanes third Jersey from 88 Neceas to 86 Teravainen. How much would this cost and is this possible?

  6. I want to Change Blue Jays #11 Pillar jersey to Bichette? How much do you charge and do you do shipping to and from Vancouver, BC?

  7. hi,
    i have a max Pacioretty 67 habs jersey.
    is it possible to strip off the name and numbers and replace for a other name and number.
    If so, wat’s the price ?
    i live near Montreal.

  8. Hey I was wondering if I send in my team jerseys for a number change? We use the Dallas stars Crest design but with a diff stitched logo. Can u gimme a time period if I were able 2 do that.

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