Welcome to the Keener Jersey’s Help Centre. We know better than anyone how important it is to get your team jerseys right. That’s why we want to make sure you have all the information you need to get the exact look, feel and experience your team deserves. Take a look through some of the guides and tutorials we’ve included below, and if you still have questions we’re always here to help

We love talking about jerseys almost as much as we love making them. If you have a project you’d like to talk to us about, we can’t wait to hear from you. Just click on the link below, send us the details and we’ll get back to you asap.


The pressure is on! Get your team’s jerseys right and you’re a hero (actually probably not – your team expects that you’ll get it right). Get it wrong and…well let’s not think about that. Ordering 101 is our way of helping you to get your order 100% correct. Here is a checklist you may want to go over it with your team. Download Checklist. Below are some of the most common things to consider before you order jerseys.


A low cost jersey will cost between $17-$40. Mid range jerseys will run you between $40-$100 and jerseys with full decoration can go up to $200. Prices will vary greatly depending on a) the style of jersey b) what you want on the jersey.


For many teams, a vinyl name and/or number is just fine. Vinyl looks good and is really economical. Vinyl is popular with youth teams and recreational teams (and was commonly used by pro teams until the 1980s). For the purist, you’re going to want to use a Pro twill fabric sewn down to the jersey. Pro Twill fabric will make any jersey look like the pros.

Pro-Twill and Vinyl


NHL jersey styles are usually a little more expensive than Popular styles (i.e. one or two colour basic jerseys) but many players enjoy wearing their favourite team’s colours. Popular designs are easy and economical. Looking for a totally unique design? Sublimation its a great way to create a cool and distinct look for your team.



What style printing would you like for your crest? Direct print on the jersey looks great and is low cost. Printing to a twill patch which is then sewn to the jersey looks pro and is fairly inexpensive. We can also cut and sew twill in layers on the jerseys. Want top of the line? Then embroidery is the way to go. Embroidered crests are worn by most pro teams brings the full, rich colour of any design to life.



Popular Front lettering styles; Straight, Diagonal, Arched, and Double Arched. We can use either a Pro Twill or Film (Iron On) material depending on your preference.



How many layers of colour does your team want? One colour (i.e. All-white numbers) are economical. Consider adding team colours to additional layers.


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The Top 5 Questions Asked When Ordering Jerseys

So you’re on a hockey team and find yourself nominated as the player with the lucky task of ordering team jerseys…

It’s a thankless job for the team that requires a fair bit of organizing, record keeping and list-making. At Keener Jerseys, we want to not only simplify this task for you, but we also want to make it enjoyable. To get a headstart on understanding everything you need to know, here is a list of the top five questions we get asked when taking a jersey order.

1. How does sizing work?

If you are unfamiliar with jersey sizes, or maybe a teammate isn’t sure what size they should wear, we can help you out. Check out our popular Youtube video How to Size Your Team Hockey Jerseys.

In this short step-by-step instructional video, we will explain how sizing charts work and how to properly measure yourself and your teammates for new jerseys. It’s that easy!

 2. What is a sublimated jersey/crest/name bar?

Sublimated jerseys: Sublimation is the heating of ink until it disintegrates onto the corresponding fabric and creates a long-lasting pattern or design on what was once a plain garment. So, when you order a sublimated jersey this means you can create any design you can think up with any colours you like.

Sublimated jersey
Sublimated jersey

Sublimated jersey

Sublimated crests: As far as crests go, at KJ about 95% of the crests we create are sublimation to pro twill. We take your logo and print it onto fabric, then we heat press and sew the crest down on your jersey. It won’t crack, peel, or fade and will last as long as you own your jersey. We can print any combination of colours and any design. The possibilities are limitless. Check out this Youtube video we created for more examples and information on sublimation to pro twill crests.

Sublimated crest
Sublimated crest
Sublimated crest

Sublimated name bars: A sublimated name bar is essentially the same as what we have just described. We print off your teammates’ names on name bars and sew them onto the backs of your jerseys. Easy peasy. Did we mention we can match all pro team on-ice specifications and fonts? Your team could have the exact namebars as the Nashville Predators or any of your favourite pro teams.

Sublimated name bars

3. What are your delivery timelines?

In most cases, we can deliver your jerseys to you three to four weeks after the time you’ve placed your order. This can change if there are special requests that may take our suppliers a little longer to create and deliver, ie: sublimated jerseys. But for the most part, you’ll have your sweet new jerseys within a month.

 4. Can we just order one or two jerseys for a new season?

Could be that you’ve picked up some new players this season or your defenseman recently moved and can’t find his jersey. No worries. We’ve got you covered. We can place orders for as little as one jersey for most styles.

 5. What is the cost?

This is a common question with a complicated answer.

It’s kind of like asking how much is a new pair of shoes without being specific about the brand, style or material. You can always head down to your local Wal-Mart and pick up a pair of shoes for around $20. Or, you can go to a high-end department store and buy the most expensive designer shoes on the shelf. Then there are about a million options down the middle.

We’ll start by asking you some questions to gain an understanding of your budget and the type of jerseys you want. From there, we can work backwards to explain your options and costs associated with each choice.

Our jersey experts will break down vinyl numbers versus pro-twill, popular jerseys versus pro team styles, cresting options and so on. With all this information and a full understanding of your options, you should be able to make an informed decision based on your budget and desired result.

BONUS: Insider Jersey Tips

Here are a few tips to sweeten the pot for you, the player designated as the jersey organizer.

i. Get yourself a free jersey. There is no reason that the player doing all the legwork should have to pay for the jersey on his back. Once you’ve received your jersey quote, divide it up among all the other players and leave yourself out. The cost of your jersey can be absorbed by teammates as a token of appreciation. Whether you tell them or not is up to you!

ii. Decision by committee is never a good idea. Presenting ideas, colours, and crests to the whole team slows things down and creates a lot of headaches. Instead, enlist one or two respected members of your team and form a subcommittee to choose your jersey style, font and crest. This will simplify decision making and avoid discord among players.

iii. Collect the money upfront.  You should NEVER find yourself out of pocket for this. Be sure the players understand money is due upfront and that you don’t plan on getting stuck with an invoice and nobody’s cash to pay it. Anyone late with payment is then required to buy the next round of post-game beers. 

As always, if you have any questions, shoot us an email at and one of our jersey experts will be happy to lend a hand!


4 Common Mistakes When Ordering Team Hockey Jerseys, And How to Avoid Them

Ordering new custom jerseys for your team can be a lot of fun – especially on the day everyone receives their new jerseys. However, fun and excitement can quickly turn to disappointment and frustration if you find mistakes in your order.  Fortunately, most mistakes are common and so, with a short checklist, you can eliminate mistakes from your order.

Below are four common errors and a few simple tips to help you avoid these errors on your next order:

  1. Jerseys don’t look like you expected – Get a sample image (AKA  – Proof, Artwork, Mockup)
  2. Errors made on Player Names/Numbers – Send player information in Excel
  3. Jerseys arrive late – Agree on a delivery date
  4. Jerseys cost more than you thought – Get a Quote

Sounds obvious right? Let’s look deeper into the abyss (or the ‘obvious’).

Get a Sample Image (Proof, Artwork, Mockup)

Reviewing a digital representation (proof/mockup) of your jersey is essential to ensuring your jerseys turn out looking as you expect.

The digital proof will provide examples of colour, placement and the approximate size of your customization.

If ordering sublimated jerseys most providers will send a digital proof for approval.  In most instances, this is absolutely fine. BUT:

  1. Read the specifications. Most proofs will include the colours listed in a ‘Legend’. Make sure the colours are correct.
  2. If you are ordering large volumes and/or colours can be difficult to match (reds/cardinals/maroon can be tricky) insist on a physical sample.  As long as you are ordering with enough lead time, getting a physical swatch will not be a problem.

Do not rush the Artwork/Proof approval.  Always send a copy of your Artwork to a team member for ONE LAST LOOK.  It’s easier to fix oversights early in the process. 

Keener Proof Sample

Send Player Information in Excel

Make sure to send individual players’ information [size, number, name] in a format that is consistent and easy to access. Unless your supplier gives you a required format or input system the best format is an MS Excel (or Google/Apple) spreadsheet.

We’ve received player information by paper copy, text messages, over-the-phone and in the body of an email.  All of these methods are asking for trouble.


Using a spreadsheet allows you to share easily with teammates [they should proofread] and all of your suppliers will be able to open it and quickly take information from it.

Agree on a Delivery Date

You know when you need your jerseys so make sure to communicate this clearly to your supplier. It’s best to send this information by email so you have confirmation and back up your claim.  Ask your provider to respond in writing so that they can commit to meeting your deadlines. Open honest and communication is the best way to ensure results.


If you have a drop-dead date communicate this loud and clear! (ie. your team is playing the in Championship and if the jerseys do not arrive everyone on the team will need to wear a t-shirt) .  Check in 2 weeks prior to the due date and make sure they are on time (as well as a couple of days prior). If jerseys are being shipped, ensure that your provider factors delivery time into their estimates and request tracking information!

Get a Quote

Always ask for a detailed quote to make sure you are aware of what you are ordering and how much each of the individual components costs.   If you have any questions regarding the cost of decoration your quote will be your best reference.

Quote samples

Be certain to look at your quote carefully if it was created manually (as most are) there is a chance it was entered incorrectly. Now is your chance to catch the error!

Make sure you know what is being offered in the quote.   Common customization options that should appear on your quote and bill:

  1. Fabric used on the crest
  2. The fabric used for numbers/name
  3. Jersey fabric and colours

Buying custom team jerseys are exactly that – custom. The jerseys are ‘customized’ specifically for you and your team.  When you buy custom anything, you need to pay close attention and communicate the exact requirements to your provider. It also helps to know the common pitfalls so you can prepare and avoid them.

Next time give yourself the best opportunity for success by following these basic steps.

To help you out, even more, check out our Order Perfect Jerseys Checklist and our Ultimate Guide to Buying Jerseys for Your Team – Coming soon if you would like us to send you a link send us an email to


How to Use a Size Chart to Size Your Team Hockey Jerseys

Ready to order jerseys for you and your team?  In this post, we are going give you tips for getting your jersey sizes correct and instructions on using a Jersey Size Chart.

Many players already know their size.  If you need to figure out jersey sizes, start here:

  1. Ask for a size set
  2. Use a Jersey Size Chart (size chart located below)

Size Sets

Getting the actual set of jerseys by size (i.e S-4XL) is very helpful if you have many players that do not know their size and you can arrange to have everyone meet at single location (house, community centre).   If your jersey supplier has a size set they can loan you that is the most sure-fire way to get the right size.

Jersey Size Chart

If you do not have access to a sizing set, no problem,  you can do it from home! Below are step-by-step instructions and a short video that will show you how to measure yourself.

If you wear shoulder pads:

  1. Hockey jersey size charts assume you are wearing shoulder pads.
  2. Put on your shoulder pads
  3. Wrap a tape measure around your entire body underneath your armpits. We want to capture the widest circumference of your chest.
  4. Find your measurement, (i.e 46″) look up the size on the size chart  (below).  That size is an Adult Medium.
  5. If you choose the size Medium, the jersey will fit but may be snug (see video).  To have a looser fitting jersey SIZE UP! to a Large.
Sizing Chart

If you do not wear shoulder pads:

  1. Wrap the tape measure around your chest, under the armpits.  If you are 46″ you would wear a Medium.  The Medium will fit you nicely and you should not need to size up.  Body types will be a factor as well.

Still have questions? Consult your Keener Jerseys representative or email


Ultimate Checklist – Get Your Order Right EVERY TIME

You’ve taken the lead and will deliver championship jerseys for your team!  You can do it.  Before you begin, we’ve created a checklist for you. Download it, print it, carry it with you in your folder.  

There is a lot to remember to get this right, the Ultimate Checklist will help you ensure your order goes according to plan.

From the Checklist, here are the top 4 important points to remember when ordering jerseys:

  1. Request an Estimate prior to moving forward – Make sure you know what you are paying for!
  2. Receive and Approve a Mockup of your Order – Request one if they do not send it!
  3. Double check your sizes, numbers, and names (if required).
  4. Get a delivery date IN WRITING, if the delivery date is important.

Good luck!  Any questions?  Contact

Click the image below to download the Ultimate Checklist!

Ultimate Checklist

We do not supply the jerseys. For local customers, we would suggest starting with Pro Hockey Life for Adidas jerseys. Much like patches, finding the perfect jersey can be quite time consuming, and this is best left in the hands of the customer/collector.

Yes, we are happy to do loose kits. These cost $10 less than the normal price for the kit, and especially for American customers can be a more affordable option than shipping the jerseys back and forth across the border. We certainly prefer to have the jersey here in person to be sure it all comes together well at the end, but are happy to provide options.

If you’ve ordered stock jerseys from us before, we can order another one for you. Custom and sublimation jerseys may have minimum quantity requirements – please contact us for more information.

Yes. When you ship jerseys to us from the US for customization, enter ‘For Alterations’ in ‘Reason for shipping’ box on the shipping form and use Tariff Code 9993 to avoid customs charges.

Yes! However, it may cost extra if we have to design it.

We can do the great majority of NHL jerseys from the past 40 years, so almost certainly yes. There are a few exceptions that we cannot do, largely due to the need for a machine stitch, these are outlined in our pricing guide.

For minor league hockey, it is certainly possible, but please confirm before sending. Some teams are in our files, but in many cases we must custom create fonts to ensure accuracy, meaning additional costs.

For MLB, we have a fairly large library of fonts, especially with Canadian teams, but it is best to confirm beforehand.

For NBA, certainly check beforehand on pricing, as we can do great work here, but don’t have the deepest records.

We do not customize NFL, especially current uniforms. This is largely materials related.

We can do CFL jerseys, although it never hurts to double check for materials, or for teams other than Winnipeg and Saskatchewan.

Keener custom creates each font with the intention of matching on ice details and each job is done cut to order. When your jersey is sent in/dropped off, we will double check and be sure all looks good, then get rolling with making it look golden.

We can try to strip a jersey but there’s many things to consider that might make it impossible to strip clean. Numbers can be pressed too hard making stripping without damaging the jersey very difficult. The numbers might also be machine stitched down. Check the inside of the jersey, we cannot strip this kind of stitching.

Yes, we can customize your garments with screen printing and embroidery. These are popular options for t-shirts, sweatshirts, and much more. One of our coolest offerings is “sublimation to pro twill” – this produces a vibrant, colourful result at an attractive price!

We have CCM airknit, Nike floknit, Starter knit, Starter mesh, CCM/Sandow mesh, Ultrafil, and Reebok Edge

Not at this time.

Yes! Similar to back and sleeve numbers, you can choose between twill (single colour or layered), sublimated or vinyl in a variety of pro fonts!

No, patches will need to be sourced by the customer. Finding the right patch at the right price is often quite time consuming. We would often suggest diving into pro jersey collector message boards and groups if you are struggling to find something through eBay or Facebook marketplace, as these folks will have either knowledge or resources to lead you in the right direction.

There are two main applications for back and sleeve numbers. Let’s start with twill. You can choose between one colour twill numbers or even two or three colour, layered back numbers. We even offer sublimated pro twill back numbers if you want to add a creative design element to your back numbers (think guitar strings through the Nashville Predators numbers). The other option is single colour vinyl press. Speaking of back and sleeve numbers, we’ll match your favourite Pro teams font to on ice / field specs with fine attention to detail.

A quick phone call with one of our jersey experts is the best way to start. We love guiding our clients through the process of choosing a jersey, deciding on how to decorate it and delivering the joy of sport to you and your crew!

You can pay using PayPal, E-Transfer, or by calling us. We ask for payment to be made prior to us ordering your items.

Get your sizing right! You are going to wear this jersey for 5-10 years (maybe more). If you order the wrong size your only option is to reorder the entire jersey. So if you are not sure, measure! Don’t know your size? Here is a simple chart, grab a tape measure or ask a buddy – do something! Just get the size right. This sizing chart assumes you are wearing shoulder pads. Still not sure? Contact us to find out how to measure for the correct size.

Standard stock jersey order complete date is 3 weeks from date of deposit & artwork approval.

Standard apparel order complete date is 4 weeks from date of deposit & artwork approval.

The answer is… it depends. Jerseys fall into three broad price categories (including customization):
Low Cost $15-$40
Mid Range $40-$100
High End: $100 and up

Team Orders:
Within 2 weeks: 15% of subtotal order amount (pre-tax)
Within 1 week: 25% of subtotal order amount (pre-tax)

Within 2 weeks: $53 CDN or $40 USD
1 week: $80 CDN or $50 USD
Overnight: 100% CDN and USD

Personal Customization:
2-14 days: $15
Overnight or same day: $25

There’s a variety of ways to add your team’s brand to your jerseys! By far, our most popular is sublimation to pro twill because it allows you to include as much detail and colour as you want and gets sewn down to the jersey giving it a pro look and feel. Check out this short video to learn more about this crest type. Other great crest types include twill, vinyl press and screen printing. Contact us to discuss what’s best for your team!

Stock jerseys are those jerseys that manufacturers make in bulk and you can order them off-the-shelf. Blank stock jerseys can be available quickly depending on urgency and stock levels. Until recently, stock jersey colour options were limited to basic colours, black, white, blue, red etc. Nowadays, clients have dozens of stock styles and colours from which to choose!

Custom jerseys are those that are designed and sewn completely from scratch and come in two types: 1. Custom ‘Cut and Sew’ or 2. Custom Sublimation. Sublimation is a popular technique which gives you the ability to incorporate virtually any design or colour combination into a jersey. We’ve all seen these jerseys – Don Cherry jacket-jerseys, Tuxedos, Batman jerseys, etc. Designs range from zany to creative to subtle and simple. The process involves transferring colours onto white polyester fabrics.

One awesome advantage with sublimation: All the logos and numbers are included in the cost. Adding names usually will cost $4-$5 extra per jersey.

Custom Cut and Sew are jerseys made from scratch based on your colours and your preferred striping pattern. Cut & Sew jerseys usually cost more than sublimated jerseys because you need to add customization – cresting, names, and numbers, separately.

For jerseys, we use Athletic Knit (AK) and Kobe. For apparel, we use Sanmar, Augusta Sportswear, and Stormtech, to name a few.

Customs form PDF

EOPS Auth #: 87-016E8029
Box #22 should always be checked off

Please contact Bryan at for more detailed questions, or give us a call during regular business hours. Email is also a great way to send reference photos to help be extra sure that your jersey comes out exactly as desired.

There are a number of factors here, but the primary one is the complexity of the customization. The materials can also differ both in cost and rarity, especially as you look between different eras. Some common things that add to the price are perforation, where the laser fires little dots into specified areas of the number to execute the pattern, or uniquely shaped numbers, most notably the Islanders Fisherman jerseys.

This is very tough to answer as each jersey is different and how the customizer did things previously is hugely important, as things like twill colour bleed and adhesive residue are both risks. We would generally advise that choosing a player than can cover the old numbers/name fairly well is the best idea. For example, stripping YZERMAN #19 with HOWE #9 leaves a lot of previously covered area visible and is higher risk than stripping LAINE #29 and covering with WHEELER #26, where the name is longer and the numbers take up the same general area.

No. Our only exception is on hockey jerseys as long as we can replace the jersey or the customer gives us the ‘OK’ if we make a mistake.


Looking to customize a jersey?
To send in your jersey, place the jersey in a box or heavy duty envelope available from Canada Post or the US Postal Service. Mail it to our address located on our Contact page. Once your jersey is received, Keener will customize it to your specifications and return it to you within 4 weeks for most customizations. We can mail it back to you or you can pick it up at our offices.

Take your team to the next level, connect with us today!