Fun with Fonts – Colorado

We like to encourage teams to consider using great fonts for their jerseys.   The standard ‘Block’ is still a fine font (the CCM Block on the old Canadiens & Kings is classic) but many teams settle for a basic font when they could jazz up their jerseys with a sick NHL font.

We love fonts so we are going to showcase some of the fonts that we do for teams.

So here goes, let’s open up Pandora’s font box. First up:  The Avs

It’s a cool font and unique to the Avalanche.   We’ve had several teams step up and use this font and here’s how they turned out.


Colorado Avs
Reign edited
Reign – Playing out of Adult Safe Hockey League in Vancouver.



Winakwa Warriors BacksWinakawa Warriors – youth Team in Winnipeg



CavaliersCavaliers – Men’s league team in Winnipeg

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