You’re A Fan with a Jersey.

Make it look exactly like the pros.

When no one else could customize Keener’s jerseys to look like the ones his idols were wearing on the ice, he did what any 12 year old boy might do and did it himself. Actually, not many teenage boys would do that but that’s why Keener is Keener and you’re on this website buying jerseys.

Most companies that customize jerseys have a person who slaps generic numbers on your jersey. They may claim that they carry the professional team’s font. That may be true but usually the font is not exactly like what the team is wearing – and they almost certainly won’t have the font used by teams in the past. The numbers and names are ALMOST ALWAYS put on haphazardly and your jersey ends up looking like either a cheap knock off or, at best, a reasonable facsimile.

Why is Keener considered by jersey collectors to be the best customizer in the world? Because few, if any, customizers, care as much about making each jersey look exactly like what the player wore on the playing surface. With Keener, you ALWAYS get platinum level treatment.

To us, it doesn’t matter if you are the biggest jersey collector in the world or someone with their first jersey, you will always get Keener’s 100% guarantee that your jersey is customized exactly as the player who wore it originally.

Jonathan Toews Jersey
Gretzky Jersey
Forsberg Jersey

Step one:

Tell Us The Plan

Check out the gallery of our work. View our customization pricing here, and then, fill out this form or give us a call. It is very helpful to include a print-out of your specific customization details with any relevant photographs or specific instructions for your jersey.

Step two:

Send Us Your Jersey

Send us your blank jersey by land, air, sea, or drop it off at our headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba. If you are shipping from outside Canada, please use this customs form. Please be sure to affix the customs for to the EXTERIOR of your package in a clear plastic sleeve.

Step three:

Customize & Return

Keener will customize your jersey to your specs and get it back to you within 4 weeks. You will recive an invoice once your jersey has been processed and is in the queue. Payment is expected upon receipt.

If you need to remove customization from your jersey, review our blog post about stripping jerseys.

To send in your jersey, place the jersey in a box or heavy duty envelope available from Canada Post or the US Postal Service. Mail it to our address located on our Contact page. Once your jersey is received, Keener will customize it to your specifications and return it to you within 4 weeks for most customizations. We can mail it back to you or you can pick it up at our offices.

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