Keener Jerseys Number Styles


When it comes to choosing a number style for your jerseys, there’s nothing wrong with going with classic twill. But did you know one of the things that sets Keener Jerseys apart is some of the unique custom number styles we’ve come up with? Take a look at some of our options if you’re really looking to set your team … Read More

Century West Steelers Jerseys

Steelers design

These jerseys had it all. Nashville Predators font, Navy blue two-colour back and sleeve numbers, and a beautiful embroidered crest.  Future computers should have screens that allows you to feel what you see so you can feel the quality of the Steelers embroidered crest. FONT: Nashville Predators NUMBERS:  Two-Colour Back & Sleeve CREST: Embroidered

Fun with Fonts – Colorado

We like to encourage teams to consider using great fonts for their jerseys.   The standard ‘Block’ is still a fine font (the CCM Block on the old Canadiens & Kings is classic) but many teams settle for a basic font when they could jazz up their jerseys with a sick NHL font. We love fonts so we are going to … Read More

The Keener Difference

Over the past couple of years of working with Keener to build Keener Jerseys.  I’ve come to see that our approach to jersey & uniform customization is unique.  So I thought I’d share with you what it is that makes us unique. We are coming at team jersey customization from two important approaches: World class jersey expertise  Unparalleled customer experience Why … Read More

Heartbreak and Pancakes

While playing soccer when I was 11, I was called for a ‘hand ball’ inside the penalty kick area.  The player scored and we lost the game. I was devastated. I went home and cried.  My mom comforted me by telling me that things would be ok and that I should always remember how I felt for when other people … Read More

Jersey Stripping (sounds like more fun than it is)

Hello Adam Yes we strip jerseys (remove names and numbers) but we do caution that sometimes we can’t get everything off and the jerseys can get damaged.  All that scary talk aside we do it.   Hope that answers your question. We look forward to doing your jerseys. Further the the above excerpt from an email to our customer… We charge … Read More

What’s in a name?

What name should I put on the back of my jersey? Everyone who gets a new pro-team jersey asks themselves that question.  Sounds like a simple enough question but for most people it’s a tough decision.  Teams these days don’t have just one star player. Rather, they have a few standouts who excel for various reasons or as a group (it would … Read More

Knock It Off!

The Connor McDavid knock offs have arrived. I get why people buy knock offs: a jersey is a lot more expensive  than a t-shirt. Some people don’t like ‘more expensive.’ Understandable. Money is tight these days and doesn’t stretch as far as it used to.  But people like quality. So more and more these days, folks are shelling out a … Read More

Kiss Cutting with Keener

Kiss Cut

Kiss cutting (AkA reverse layers) is a really elegant (and cool) way of displaying numbers or letters on a jerseys. Most often when team’s use multiple layers for their numbers they use a technique called ‘Stacking’.  The dominant colour is laid on top of the other 3 layers.  In the photo below, the white layer is simply placed on top … Read More

A Fresh Approach To Jersey Customization

I’m Jason Olson, co-founder of Keener Jerseys. My partner is Chris Dougherty – better known as Keener. Keener and I started our business because we want to bring a fresh approach to jersey customization: We want to make it easy for teams and fans to order awesome custom jerseys. Keener has 20 years experience customizing pro jerseys for fans and … Read More