ASHL And Keener Jerseys Partnership Announcement

PARTNERSHIP ANNOUNCEMENT We are very excited to announce our brand-new nation-wide partnership with the Adult Safe Hockey League (ASHL).  With our partnership, Keener Jerseys will become the Official Jersey Provider for ASHL Teams. This partnership means that men and women playing recreational level hockey across North America will now have easy access to professional-level, quality jerseys using innovative and user-friendly … Read More

How to Use a Size Chart to Size Your Team Hockey Jerseys

Ready to order jerseys for you and your team?  In this post, we are going give you tips for getting your jersey sizes correct and instructions on using a Jersey Size Chart. Many players already know their size.  If you need to figure out jersey sizes, start here: Ask for a size set Use a Jersey Size Chart (size chart … Read More

Ultimate Checklist – Get Your Order Right EVERY TIME.

You’ve taken the lead and will deliver championship jerseys for your team!  You can do it.  Before you begin, we’ve created a checklist for you. Download it, print it, carry it with you in your folder.   There is a lot to remember to get this right, the Ultimate Checklist will help you ensure your order goes according to plan. From … Read More

4 Common Mistakes When Ordering Team Hockey Jerseys, And How to Avoid Them

Ordering new custom jerseys for your team can be a lot of fun – especially on the day everyone receives their new jerseys. However, fun and excitement can quickly turn to disappointment and frustration if you find mistakes in your order.  Fortunately, most mistakes are common and so, with a short checklist, you can eliminate mistakes from your order. Below … Read More

Jerseys Unite Teams, Fans, and Communities

Can jerseys unite a team? A community? A country?  You bet they can. With the historical playoff run coming to an end for the Winnipeg Jets, the ‘Whiteout’ also came to a close for another year.   The Whiteout, for those who haven’t heard, is Winnipeg’s unique tradition where virtually every fan agrees to wear the whitest outfit they can … Read More

Name Bars for Your Team

Jersey Name Bars

Looking for a Name Bar? Our standard name bar font is the CCM block font from the 1980s/90s worn by the St. Louis Blues, New Jersey Devils, Boston Bruins, and Hartford Whalers.    That said, you can order fonts from any pro team, measured exactly to their on-ice specifications. Pricing (includes sewing name bar to jersey) Team orders – $10 … Read More and Keener Jerseys

We are proud to announce that we are an official partner with Firehouse Hockey (FHH, FHH is emerging as the central hub for emergency services hockey teams.  Through FHH teams can link up with other teams and schedule games. It is also a place where teams can post news and updates.  If you know a fire service, law enforcement, … Read More

Name-In-Number T-shirts and Hoods


Last summer the Keener Jerseys team made up t-shirts for the Canada Day event.  At the last minute Keener asked us what our numbers were and he took Pro Twill material and sewed our numbers into our Ts.  We were like ‘What the heck is this?’ You know what – it was super cool.  It was like wearing our jersey but … Read More

Hockey Pant Shells – Vinyl v Polyester

What is the difference between a vinyl shell and a polyester shell? First off – Pant Shells go over top of your hockey pants – teams use them so that everyone on the team is wearing the same colour pants (looks a bit more pro). We carry two types polyester and nylon and each comes in stock and custom/sublimation. There … Read More

Keener Jerseys and CARHA Partnership

We’ve got a new partner and they know lots of hockey players…Wooohooo! As of October  2015 Keener Jerseys and the Canadian Adult Rec Hockey Association (CARHA) have agreed to a partnership.  CARHA Hockey is a national, not for profit, charitable sport organization.  They dedicated to providing resources and benefits to the adult recreational and old timers hockey market in Canada. In … Read More